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February 18, 2018
Surgical dentistry is designed not only to preserve, but also to restore teeth.

Today it is an independent clinical discipline in modern dentistry, because the tasks it solves are so vast, that they require a narrow training of specialists. Although often for the quality preservation and restoration of the dentition requires the joint work of a dental surgeon with other specialists – orthopedic and therapist. Forced removal of the tooth can be called only a stage on the path of dental treatment, for example, when correcting an incorrect bite or for eliminating the trauma from the wisdom tooth to the surrounding mucosa.

In the dental clinic NikaDent all operative manipulations are carried out painlessly, using modern types of anesthesia.

In the function of surgical dentistry today includes:
  • removal of teeth (including the most difficult – wisdom teeth);
  • removal of uncut teeth;
  • surgical operations aimed at preserving the teeth, including removal of the tooth root, resection of the apex of the root and removal of part of the multi-root tooth;
  • sanitation of inflammatory nidus;
  • jaw operations and operations on soft tissues (gingival mucosa);
  • correction of soft tissues, aimed at restoring the natural proportion of teeth and gums;
  • operations to create a “place” for proper implant placement (sinus lifting, bone volume build-up, alveolar extension and expansion);
  • treatment of periodontal disease;
  • installation of dental implants.

Basically, surgical dentistry is a complex of therapeutic measures, that are performed in strict sequence using methods not only of surgical, but of therapeutic and orthopedic dentistry.

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