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Gum plasmolifting – innovation in the field of dentistry

Плазмолифтинг десен

Gum plasmolifting – innovation in the field of dentistry

June 20, 2019

Gum plasmolifting – innovation in the field of dentistry

Attractive smile it is healthy gums and strong, snow-white teeth. Not all patients take oral care seriously. As a result, dental diseases develops, some of them are difficult to cure. Effective prevention will help to avoid serious problems.

Gum plasmolifting – the latest procedure designed to improve the condition of the oral cavity and restore teeth and gums health.

An innovative technique, what is it?

Plasmolifting – a procedure in which the patient is injected from his blood plasma into soft injured tissues of the oral cavity. Result – natural regeneration of cells. Due to the platelets, which is part of the plasma, pathological processes subside, tissue recovered.

Indications for gum plasmolifting:

  • Periodontitis, regardless of degree;
  • Gingivitis, periodontal disease;
  • Inflammation gums after tooth extraction;
  • Tissue healing after surgery;
  • Inflammation near the implant;
  • Prevention of gum disease.

The therapeutic course consists of 3-4 injections, depending on the condition of the gums, the severity of the disease. The fluid is injected weekly with the same interval. Repeated course after 3-6 months will allow you to consolidate the effect.

What is an innovative technique based on?

Plasma, obtained by sampling blood (15 ml) from the patient, is injected into the injured tissue. The collected liquid is placed in a centrifuge, in which the end product is isolated. Upon completion of the processing liquid is formed containing a high concentration of proteins, platelets, required for rapid recovery of tissues.

What does the patient receive after the procedure?

Plasma injections are an effective way to prevent and treat many dental diseases.  After a course of plasmolifting, the patient has:

  • The tissue structure is restored;
  • Normalizes blood flow in the injured area;
  • Improving metabolic processes in cells;
  • Accelerates the natural recovery of gums;
  • The inflammation passes, the tissues acquire a pleasant pink tint;
  • Restored not only soft, but also bone tissue.

Efficiency of the procedure is achieved by the action of nutrients at the painful area. The plasma used for injection should be clean, without infected cells. The patient must be completely healthy, otherwise the fluid structure will be disturbed and it will be impossible to achieve the desired result.

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