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Vector Therapy at NikaDent


Vector Therapy at NikaDent

June 19, 2019

Vector Therapy at NikaDent

Periodontitis is not perceived by many patients as a serious disease, despite the fact that it leads to inflammation of the soft tissues and can cause tooth loss. Slight bleeding of the gums over time will lead to the formation of abscesses and loosening of the teeth. Vector therapy will help to quickly and painlessly deal with periodontal diseases. Its action is based on the transfer of energy of the ultrasonic wave, under the influence of which dental deposits and bacteria are removed.

In what cases is vector therapy needed:

  • gingivitis, periodontal disease, periodontitis;
  • tartar;
  • prevention of complications after dental procedures;
  • prevention of implant rejection.

Advantages and features of the method

Before the procedure, you need to take a panoramic picture, it allows you to assess the presence of periodontal pockets and their depth, tooth mobility. The duration of the procedure depends on the complexity of each particular case and may take from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

A characteristic feature of vector therapy is an indirect effect, therefore damage to teeth and soft tissues is excluded. The solution, with which the cleaning is done effectively removes tartar, plaque and bacteria, even from hard to reach places.

The main arguments in favor of ultrasound therapy are:

  • The absence of pain and other discomfort.
  • Gentle effect on enamel and dentin.
  • Thorough cleaning of the periodontal pocket.
  • An alternative to surgical treatments.

Repeated sessions are necessary for patients prone to periodontal disease.

Treatment results

Vector-therapy is effective at all stages of complex treatment of periodontitis. With its help, you can achieve a stable remission and get rid of such problems as bleeding, tooth mobility, bad smell, etc. The first results will be noticeable in a couple of days.

The depth of exposure of ultrasound reaches more than 10 mm, which allows you to avoid surgery. The “Vector” system allows you to carry out all the manipulations in one visit, while traditional methods of treatment will require several visits to the periodontist.

NikaDent will give you clean, healthy and beautiful teeth!

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